The Green Parrot How They Are Amazing And How You Can Find Them

We have come across many different birds in our time and I must say that the Green Parrot is one of the most interesting to look at. This bird is the result of the evolution of a species of parrots, which existed only in South America. That is why this bird is called Green Parrot. There is the Red and the Blue Parrots that are much more attractive to us.

The Green Parrot can be found from Costa Rica, all the way to the south of Argentina, and in the Andes mountains of Peru and Chile. This bird has a more beautiful and a brighter green than any other parrot, and even the appearance of the Red and the Blue ones. It has a small head and is not so big as its other relatives.

The green parrots  can be found in many different colors. The most common one is the color green, but there are some parrots who have blue-green feathers and some others that have a mixture of brown, green and black.

The size of the is also important to consider, since the bigger they are, the more food they require. In addition, they are not only smaller than the Blue and Red ones, but also smaller than the Hanging Parrots.

The species of parrots that are related to the Green Parrot are the White-fronted, Blue-throated and Hanging Parrots. The Green Parrot can also be found in the rainforest. The more you see of this beautiful bird, the more you will enjoy it.