A clean and hygienic workplace helps in boosting productivity and enhances one’s performance and well-being. A clean office leads to a healthy mind of the staff which would help them to concentrate better on their work as well as would equip them with a positive mindset at the workplace.

Ways to maintain Cleanliness at the workplace:

Companies can provide cleanliness supplies such as sanitizers, tissues, and cleaning wipes to their staff. This would foster a good practice of maintaining cleanliness at the office.

Companies must have a hygiene policy. Its implementation would help the staff members be well aware of the company’s intention of maintaining a clean workplace.

Would you go to a stinking washroom at the workplace? No, right! Every office must have a clean washroom facility that is thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals by the maintenance staff properly.

A cleaner is responsible for doing such kind of professional cleaning at workplaces.

What does a cleaner do?

A cleaner is an individual who is responsible for basic cleaning at the office. The work includes mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning windows and doors. The individual also ensures that the office is well-cleaned and sanitized. Ensuring the washrooms are properly cleaned and maintained is also another important key responsibility of a cleaner.

Importance of office cleaning:

The office is a prime dwelling place for bacteria and germs. If the worktops, fridge doors, and door handles are not cleaned regularly, bacteria can breed there over time. Some of the germ hotspots in an office are keyboards, desks, toilets, kitchen worktops, microwaves, office fridges, etc. While these are some of the hotspots for a breeding ground for bacteria, it becomes more important to pay close attention to cleaning these areas because, with the unprecedented pandemic, cleanliness has taken the forefront. With people slowly starting to go back to the office it is extremely important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the office.


office cleaning has not only become a necessity today but a daily ritual. With COVID-19 creating a dangerously lasting impact worldwide, workplaces are under the potential threat of affecting people because of the massive gathering of staff and employers. Office cleaning is a mandatory step that is now been increasingly taken post the lockdown. So, the job of an office cleaner has gained increasing limelight ever since the world went into a shutdown mode.