When it comes to a flyer, can be described as a paper form advertisement mainly intended for wide distribution. Typically, distributed or posted in a public place and handed out to individuals or through the mail sent. Some jurisdictions in the 2000s have ordinances or laws restricting or banning leafleting or simply flyering in certain locations. Even along with the digital marketing popularity, flyer marketing is still a way that is effective in increasing sales. That’s why it is vital to go for flyer printing in Ottawa, ON.


  • Affordable- Flyer Printing or leaflet printing is shown by studies that it is more effective in comparison to other promotion channels.
  • Short notice event- Through this message can quickly get out there to related meetings or events.
  • Flyer success is easy to measure- Discount codes, leaflet numbers, and QR codes make it a measurable marketing type.
  • Complements digital- Digital media can be supported by printed materials. For instance, a webpage QR code can be linked for getting further information.
  • Brand’s physical part- In an inbox full of emails, the message can get lost easily. Even if the email is checked before the event happens, it is possible for deleting the email before opening it. In case, a physical copy is given like a flyer then they are likely to look at it.

Flyer design tips

  • Foil focal point- The elements of foil printed catch the drawing, and light attention to the areas that are required to be seen. The option of holographic foil printing diffracts the light and the spectrum of colors shown at distinctive angles.
  • Good first impression- The flyers are double-sided in full color leads to the creation of a better first impression in comparison to single-sided ones.
  • Link back to business- Comprise the contact details like address, social media handles, telephone number, and website. At the flyer’s bottom, they can be added without being intrusive and might result in followers on social media.
  • Design simple- For avoiding missing out on a potential customer, just keep the design simple as a customer can be overwhelmed by too much information.


It can be concluded that flyer printing in Ottawa, ON is one of the most effective and versatile marketing tools, particularly for event promotion. If done properly, then they can communicate messages quickly and persuade customers mainly towards service or product buying.