Registering your business is the first step towards self-employment. With this step you will be included in the trade register, you will receive a trade license and you are officially a trader. A trade at Athenasia exists when you regularly and permanently carry out an activity for your own account and responsibility with the intention of making a profit.

All company founders must therefore register a business as the first step in becoming self-employed. This does not apply to members of the liberal professions such as doctors, lawyers, tax consultants, journalists, artists, designers, and agriculture and forestry.

Process of business registration

You report the start of your commercial activity to the competent authority in the municipality in which you want to set up your company.

Depending on the federal state, the town hall, public order office, citizens’ office or a separate trade office may be responsible. You can clarify which authority is responsible in the specific case by calling the municipality or the town hall.

As a rule, separate approval is not required. You only have to meet special requirements for some trades. Depending on the trade office, the registration process can be carried out in person, in writing or occasionally even online.

There is a special form in which data about yourself and the company secretarial hong kong can be requested. You should fill out this form completely and sign it. In addition, you should take a valid identity card or passport with you when registering or, if you send it in writing, enclose a copy.

Depending on the trade office, a fee of required amount has to be paid in cash.You will receive a trade license as confirmation of your business registration.For example, the tax office will send you the tax registration questionnaire that you have to fill out in order to be registered with the tax office as an entrepreneur.