Marketer know that lighting, music, as well as botanical elements will create great moods that will encourage their customers to stay for longer, spend a little more as well as bond with their business. However today, most of the companies are adding an element of scent to the customer experience to establish the stronger connection and learning for different ways on how to make your business smell good. They are finding out that scent not just offers the pleasant experience, however it increases their bottom line too.

Decide on the Fragrances

First you need to narrow down on the fragrance product. Provide one single scent in many different formats, like body lotion, cologne, and soaps, and offer one kind of product in different scents.

Find the Market Niche

Everybody likes to smell pleasant, but “everybody” is not your market. So, you need to determine who will buy the fragrance line. The scents with natural bases and essential oils appeal to people who value “getting green.”  Some customers will be highly inclined to buy the celebrity-endorsed fragrance. And for most part, men do not buy their fragrances –however if they do, then they select one their partner likes. The scented candles generally have the wide appeal & have potential of selling to a gift market and fragrance market.

Affect Your Mood

When the customer walks through the doors, you would like them to feel happy, relaxed, and set to do the business with you.  Scent marketing will help with this.