If you don’t have any chessboard to play then you can design your own by following some simple steps. You can follow the steps below that how to set up chess. Innovation and creativity have been greatly progressing day by day and, that’s why you need to keep up with new things and small spaces at your home. Make sure to be careful and be very patient as this will take some time to set up.

The first thing to do is to draft your design

You require to come up with your innovative design for a game of chess. As you know the surface of the chess table that you require should be black and white. Or you can go for green and brown for the tiles. The only parts you will require are the square sizes, lengths, and form of the chess table and, at last, it is color.

Now prepare yourself and collect all the necessary items

When you know how to set up a chess table then some necessary items need to be there. These things are milter saw, drill bit set, chalk line, pocket screw jigs, reclaimed studs, sheets of plywood, new studs, stain, wood glue, circular table saw, paintbrushes, woods table legs, copper nails, primer, sandpaper, and many things related.

Now when you have got all the things for the chess table then you have to start your work. You have to make the table surface smooth, then with the help of chalk, you have to make different squares. Make sure all the sizes are the same and, there should be 64 squares on the chessboard. You have to apply several coats on the chessboard and apply semi-gloss and install the legs of the table at last.