Assembly stamping is created on the slide itself. It is often a deformation of the telescopic slide beam to alter the installation. They are so solely potential on skinny profile models like R20, R26, or ST26 in partial extension, RA31 or RA41 or ST41 in total extension, or RA414 in super extension. You can also explore heavy duty drawer slides on their website.

The CrevésAccrochage – Chambrelan

Their slotted guides are ideal for optimizing the mounting or maintenance of a drawer or lightweight pedestals. Simply clip the slides onto the piece of furniture frame and/or the drawers onto the guides. This option permits tool-free mounting and creates a true saving in mounting time. It can be put outdoors, in clean rooms, in laboratories, in food environments,

This resolution will adapt to a mess of environments

Mounting on-axis below the drawer isn’t potential with this feature. In addition, a minimum production amount is needed. Particularly within the case of specific stamping shapes wherever tooling prices are passed on. However, these prices are quickly saved compared to the installation time of the drawers.

The extension slides with body part screws :

It is conjointly potential to supply drawer slides with body part screws. These are body part screws fastened to the mobile a part of the slides. These screws support a plate on both sides of the drawer which will be inserted quickly and faithfully and, every plate is fastened to the drawer.

The drawer is kept on the slides so that it can stop the drawer from tilting once in use, a screw should be accustomed to secure the plate to the slide.Higher masses will so be envisaged while not the danger of deforming or breaking the system as a result of the load is solely placed on supports.