In the tech world, Android smartphones have been a boon for everyone. This is an excellent invention of technology that changed the way we work! The best part about the vivo y30 were the multi-functional apps that made things a lot easier. It amazes me how the most useful apps are available at no or low cost so that anyone with a phone can easily access them.

However, of all the people who benefit from this revolutionary technology, women are the main beneficiaries as they step out of their confined spaces. In their little time and limited access, they can now enjoy all of it with just one touch.

If you are one of the many women who have won or bought smartphones online, our short list of apps that will help you in various aspects of your life will prove to be beneficial for you! Relax and read on to make your mobile experience full of action:

Health and Fitness Apps – Often times, due to tight schedules and family commitments, women neglect their health and succumb to a routine where they don’t have time for themselves.

Kitchen apps – this is a total boon for all women! You don’t need to be a skilled chef to do wonders in the kitchen!

Safety Applications: Women’s safety is a hot topic around the world and it is time for the women themselves to take charge of the situation. The mobile phone that you won with online trivia contests in India can be decorated with things like “VithU”, “bSafe”, “GoSuraksheit” etc.

Lifestyle apps: For a lively and eventful lifestyle, the App Store also offers various options in the lifestyle section.