You will be provided with two basic options that include the options of having to select from lessons or direct boosters. If you are selecting the option of lessons you will be able to learn using the lessons about the game and get some pro tips in return with your gameplay. However, if you are using the booster option your rank will be taken up to the desired rank and you will have to pay for the same using any of the payment options that you desire to have in your way.

Answering the most concerned questions here:

Here, we have tried to bring forward the most concerned questions that a player might be able to meet with while selecting the service of the site For any query other than this you can get in touch with the customer support who are available to help you with everything to anything in the same manner as your friend would be helping you with anything that is new to you.

Will there be any problem if as a user I stream authentication on the account?

Well, there is no problem for you to do the same what you are asking and here to mention you are just provided with a booster that comes with a security code that only you know on the site

Will the team be available to me even after work has been done?

Yes, there is an option of live chat window where you can ask queries and get in direct contact with the team of developers of the site making sure that your issues are dealt in a smooth manner.

No need to wait just visit the site and enjoy the benefits of the rank upgrade.