Crypto-currency is basically a digital mode of transactions that are held digitally. These transactions or the currency which is used here is not in its physical form rather it has no actual legal format. So this has no legal procedures or any loss to any individual will not be taken care by any government organisation.

So the security in this encryption business performed digitally is taken care by the cryptography. This provides assured security to the traders and the investors. After the introduction to bitcoin the crypto-currency has really evolved and the number of users are also increasing in this field. The value of each bitcoins is really high if calculated but there is no actual value for any coins.

What is gdax?

This is the evolved and more complicated version in the field of crypto-currency after coinbase which is known as gdax. They are basically known as the Global Digital Asset Exchange. This is actually a trading site for the professionals as the newbies will not be able to understand the complicated working of this platform.

The features or changes that makes it different and more reliable for the users is the low fees and the transactions here are really fast.


Pros and cons of GDAX


If you are already a registered member of the coinbase you can easily shift yourself to GDAX. The security for user’s data and payments gateways are really safe here.


It does not provide access to every countries there are certain selective countries who can trade here. GDAX is not for newbies you must be professional to trade in this platform.

In conclusion, it is the evolved version and also really reliable in terms of low fees and robust security purposes that makes it really a good trading zone.