Everyone is fond of lottery tickets and now with the availability of online media, the lotteries are sold online. This is nothing but the users will receive their sequence number and these numbers can be checked with the winning list on the web at the mentioned date and time. Therefore, one can easily check that their number has won their lottery or not. However, since the bitcoins are the latest trend that provides high profit, the lotto offers the bitcoin prizes for its users. That is to say, if a person wins the lottery, then he will earn around USD 1.586 Billion USD bitcoin.

What is Lotto and how to win it?

  • No physical tickets: Unlike other lottery tickets, these are not physical and even the money you get after winning the lottery is virtual bitcoin. Therefore, there is no form of physicality involved in the process.
  • Playing dice game: The bitcoin dice game can be played by the users to wager one lottery ticket. The process is simple and a lot easier compared to the other processes.
  • Rolls: Two different types of rolling dice is available. One is free BTC roll which offers a free-rolling for the users. The second one is the referral freerolls which offer 1 bitcoin roll for each referral registration.
  • At scheduled timings: The result of the lotto winners will be published on the site at the mentioned date and timings.
  • Simple method: If you are looking to purchase bitcoins without investing anything, then this is the best choice.

These are simple ways to get Lotto Bitcoin easily.