Company formation is a process of registering business as the limited company at companies house and this kind of the process is also called as company registration or company incorporation. The main activity and role of the company house is that receiving information about all registered companies trading in UK, dissolving and incorporating limited companies. You must require certain things while getting company formation service such as minimum of one director, unique company name, registered office address, articles of association and minimum of one guarantor. If you are choosing best company then you can get extensive ranges of the services like company incorporation, nominee service, making registering and administrating company is completely easy.

company formation service

Ottavia is specialized and trusted provider of the formation services and they can work with foreign enterprises and aspiring local entrepreneurs. They can work to manage your compliance and provide you with comprehensive assessment of your regulatory requirements as private limited company in Singapore. All Singapore companies might be required to have registered office where notices, official documents and legal communication. Company formation service is really beneficial to many reasons such as hassle free, cost effective, time and client service. The main benefits associated with the company formation service are that money saved by using this option excluding indirect costs.  It allows you to save time and money. Ottavia is specialized in the wide varities of registration and formation services such as assisting in registration of private limited company, sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, annual compliance and foreign affiliates.