Are you ready to rumble?Classic boxing has long been considered a male domain. But with this prejudice, boxers like Dr. Luckily, Christine Theiss or Regina Halmich have long been tidied up. You still do not want to get into the ring? Let us look at the benefits of kickboxing for women. Contact with Gotrainer today for a personal trainer for kickboxing.

Boxing trains the whole body

Kickboxing is a total body workout. The training sessions are very intense, so a bit of a sporting experience is definitely an advantage. First successes are visible but quite quickly, so you can, for example, quick combination recall, and your fitness is noticeably better. Call Gotrainer today for your personal trainer for kickboxing.

Kickboxing is a fat burner

personal trainer for kickboxing

Kickboxing can also be a way in the fight against the kilos. It’s possible to burn up to 1000 kilo calories during boxing training within an hour. In addition, the intensive training ensures a pronounced afterburning effect. This means that the metabolism is boosted so much that you continue to burn energy for up to 48 hours after training.

Kickboxing kills your stress

Kickboxing is also predestined for stress relief, because when training on the sandbag, you can let off steam properly. Stress with your loved one or just a bad day? Then let your anger out on the sandbag.

Kickboxing clears the mind

Physical fitness is very important in boxing, but it also includes brains. Who wants to box successfully, must study the opponent? Boxing is subject to strict rules and trains not only physical fitness, but also concentration and coordination.

Kickboxing boosts self-confidence

Incidentally, martial arts also improve self-esteem. Women will become more confident and agile if they start kickboxing.

Gotrainer can help women with kickboxing

If you are looking for kickboxing training in Singapore, then Gotrainer can help you. They have amazing professional trainers to help women to become fit with kickboxing. They have women trainers for women customers.