There are various inventions happening every day in various parts of the world. Technological innovations must be secured to eliminate the risk of stealing and protecting it against competition. If you are in the midst of cracking your own product, then get a china patent application for legally protecting it. Though there are many countries that offer patent applications, it is best to get a China patent as it has plenty of benefits.

Specialties of a China Patent

 China offers the ease to apply for two types of patents namely,

  • Patent for Invention: This patent can be applied for any type of inventive solution namely, a product or a process.
  • Patent for Utility Model: This patent is applicable for redesigning the shape and structure of a model that can act as a practical inventive solution.

Its benefits include,

  • The patented person can be the sole supplier of the invention
  • Patent keeps the invention legally secure
  • No other person or company can sell, manufacture or distribute the patented invention
  • Patent license can help in creating revenue out of the invention

domain registrationDomain Registration Hong Kong 

If you have patented your invention, then you can create your own domain name for the invention. The domain registration hong kong is the best place to apply for an official domain name to sell your products. It represents an Internet Protocol (IP) that can act as the identity of the invention. HUYI global domain registration offers unique domains and maintains the database through their registry. You can get domains consisting of com, info, biz, name, pro, net and org as the generic domain. If you want your product to be unique, you can get a Chinese domain name which eliminates the need to use “www” in the domain. Domain has 20 characters and is formed using a combination of Chinese characters, alphabets and numerals. The best part of it is that you can access the domain from the native Chinese language and also attract attention from 150 million Chinese people.