Nittaku table tennis rubber was established in 1920, therefore the company would fittingly be commemorating its 100th birthday that year 2020. Nittaku’s history dates back to that year. A firm including its home in Tokyo had earned a great reputation for producing some of the really best ping pong balls in the world. In actual fact, Nittaku table tennis rubber was the provider of the official ball for a large number of Global Championships, Olympic Games, and European Championships. Furthermore, Nittaku is very well for manufacturing some of the maximum blades accessible anywhere else in the world. Its Acoustic and Violin lines, for example, all make use of string instrument manufacturing technology in their manufacturing.

The standout blades

The best ball is manufactured by Nittaku; I’ve tried several different types, but this one has the finest bounce and accuracy overall. The general quality of them would be a big step up. You need to offer them a shot so you can understand what it is that you have been missing out on all this while. Expensive, but in Humble Experience, totally worth the money spent on it.

The fresh out package

They work excellently right after being removed from the packaging. Over a certain amount of sets, they become really smooth, and then when playing a topspin, they often “break out.” After using the three-star Stiga balls for some time, to switch over to those the difference is like night and day. Spin and bouncing were much more consistent. Because of the texture of the ball, stains are easily absorbed by it; thus, you must make sure that the playing surface (table or ground) is clean.