A few people who grew and fell will be surprised by many that will be registered in history too. In the past history many were seen like this and now in this article let us see about the person who grew well and collapsed heavily and came back strongly and his name is none other than Ryan Kavanaugh.

The person has multi-talent and is multifaceted and is a successor in his field for a long time. But one of the most famous companies named new age movie and the relative media collapsed in the year 2016 many were celebrated in Hollywood. Nearly a hundred million dollars in bankruptcy was declared two times in a year. But soon after he started to fly as a phoenix and he surprised many like anything. Ryan Kavanaugh reemergence was clearly evidenced in the year 2020, July. At that time former American President Donald Trump announced the ban on TikTok. It is much familiar that TikTok is one of the most familiar entertainment apps at that time. The ban gave an opportunity and also alarmed the other platform which was at the spot next to TikTok called Triller.

Ryan Kavanaugh

This incident made Ryan Kavanaugh reentry because he purchased the control of the Triller in the year 2019 and which is valued at around hundred and thirty million dollars. Soon after the ban Triller become the number-one position and he delivered the statement “I woke up”. Because of the ban on TikTok, the Triller automatically received more users and creators that includes the most popular Tiktok creators.  Even the advertisers migrated to the Triller at that time. That made him come strongly. He faced a lot of issues in his personal and professional life like divorce, business collapse, and also health issues and he came up with the Triller which is the supportive one for him in his later age.