VAPT is the term that is mainly used to describe security testing. This is mainly designed to identify as well as help address cyber security liability. VAPT mainly helps to protect their organization by providing visibility of the security weaknesses as well as guidance to address them.

Few of the deliverables of the VAPT

 Some of the important deliverables of the VAPT which is known as Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing:

  1. Executive Report: This is mainly the overview of the activity conducted. This is the summary of issues identified, the risk ratings as well as different action items.
  2. Technical Report: This is a comprehensive report which mainly explains each of the issues identified.
  3. Real-Time Online Dashboard:  This online portal mainly allows the teams to monitor the audit progress in real-time. They mainly take immediate actions for some of the high-risk issues, they also track fixes as well as closure status, etc.

Top reasons for conducting out VAPT

Top reasons for conducting the VAPT:

  1. Customer needs: This has become common practice for customers to request security certifications from their vendors.
  2. Compliance: A large number of industry standards as well as regulations have included this test as the mandatory requirement.
  3. Security validation:  This test mainly helps validate their security controls as well as measures against real-world attacks.

These are some of the important reasons for conducting the Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. This type of testing is mandatory across different industries as well as sectors.