An office complex that is suitable for all types of businesses and works in the all-inclusive method and according to every pocket, has spacious workspaces that are also well-equipped. That allows you to serviced office rental singapore,the complex that will be tailored exactly to your measurements, including comfortable and impressive business lounges that are available to you at all times.

While designing the business lounge, they are familiar with the convenience of the users, the innovation of the space and its equipment, and the flexibility in the rental conditions. In the space, you will find meeting rooms next to lecture rooms. So that there is an answer to any type of meeting of a group of people and any need that may arise.

Features Including

The conference rooms are luxurious and inviting. They are tastefully decorated and equipped with ergonomic furniture. There is full electronic equipment including monitors and projectors. The rooms are available to all tenants who rent space for business meetings and also to outside guests who wish to rent a lounge or conference room on a one-time basis. You will be impressed by the quality of the conference rooms and lounges. They will be happy to host you and your guests as well.

The facility takes the following measures as infectious disease prevention measures.

・ Request for cooperation in wearing masks in shared spaces.

・ Installation of alcohol disinfectant on each floor.

・ Installation of sterilization items in each conference room/seminar room.

・ Thorough ventilation during business hours.

・ Acrylic boards will be rented free of charge if requested when using the conference room.