Wall safes can use various locking mechanisms. Few wall safes use variety locks, which vary from four to nine digits and request varying extents of safety. Distinct wall safes expect a key or just two clues, one for an outside door and one for an internal door. High-security wall lockers can utilize a form of biometric security, which requires a finger or retina scan to open, usually in tandem with a typed combination. Digital combination locks are also increasingly popular, offering an easy way to set long combinations less susceptible to brute force breaking. Still other wall safes can use a time lock, unlocking only at certain times of the day bank vault door for sale.

The placement of wall safes plays an important role in determining their safety. The location of a safe is his first line of defense, and a number of innovative strategies have been developed to hide wall safes from occasional theft. The most famous placement of wall safes, due in large part to Hollywood representations, is obviously behind a painting. Other methods include retractable portions of wood paneling and false curtains. Some companies also offer small wall safes for storing valuable jewelry and money, which look identical to a regular wall socket watch safe.

Wall safes can be a wonderful way to store valuable documents, hard currency and jewelry. They can be quite affordable, and their use as both burglar-proof and fire protection makes them indispensable for many people.