Aluminium is one of the metals that are in more demand for its familiar properties. Due to its less weight and quality, it is best preferred in all sectors. The best form of aluminium extrusion singapore is considered the best type of aluminium.

Types of aluminium extrusion:

hollow square: it is also familiar as aluminium rectangular hallow. This is available in a wide range. It is familiar due to its lightweight, properties of good strength including hardness. Due to its corrosion resistance and weldability, it is extensively used in different requirements such as frames, trellis and to support different structures.

Round tubing: it is used more for architectural applications. It is used in heating, ventilation, and even in air conditioning as well as plumbing systems. It is majorly used in chemical processing, for food and beverage to maintain the freshness of the products, in medical industries to manufacture the sheets to cover the medicine tablets.

The stock of drawn types of tubes is useful when tubes need to be slid into another form. Stock is also available in different anodized as well as mill finish.

Bulb flat bar: this type of aluminium extrusion is usually used in the industries of marine. Its round shape makes it possible to be used in the drainage system. It minimizes the gathering of dirt and moistening of traps.


Extrusion is used in a wide range in the production of tubes and including hollow pipes. This process is more in use to produce frames, windows, and doors needed for different buildings.