Plants need it!

Every plant has its own special features depending on the species it comes from. The whole earth is classified into several types on which only the suitable plantations alone can grow or thrive. However the need to grow vegetables and fruits is becoming more serious a concern that people have become much interested in the garden. There are various types or methods of planting what you need to grow and every species is unique in their need for water, soil conditions, and also soil nutrients. One such method can be learnt by showing interest on what is double digging as it can help you understand the basics of the technique. This is very useful technique when you have a piece of land that has been left untouched for long. In such a soil plant growth has been found to be very little or even less.

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The method:

  • The method consists of digging the soil twice just as the name suggests but the soil id dug using two types of garden tools such as the rake and the multi fork.
  • To begin with the area is hosen and with the help of the rake you have dig as deep as the length of the rake head can reach and the soil is taken out.
  • Next the soil s dug using the multi fork to loosen up the soil.
  • The dug out earth is saved while the first pit is filled with soil from the second pit and it continues until the last pit and the last pit is filled with the soil dug from the first and for those who want to learn what is double digging is very easy to follow.