If you intend to begin a school that has at least ten kids, you should enlist as a business first with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). You should enlist as a sole ownership, association, or a private restricted organization. If you are a foreigner, you should engage an organization consolidation office to help you to drag from the confusion of how to start a private school singapore and to incorporating your business with ACRA.

Rikvin is Singapore’s leading expert in organization formation. We can assist you with deciding the most appropriate business structure that fulfils your models. When you have built up a business entity with ACRA, you will thenregister the school with Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOE).

Steps to follow

  • Picking a Name

Something critical to note is picking the proper name for your school. The name of your business enrolled with ACRA must be a similar name as the school if the business is enlisted as sole ownership or association. The name can’t have few words like Singapore,national, College,national, etc.

To utilize the term Foundation or Organization as part the school’s name ordinarily demonstrates that it’s anything but a school that offers post-secondary or tertiary training, and the facilities can accommodate 500 students at some random time.

  • Picking a Premise

There are tough standards and rules for educational facilities like the size of study hall and student proportion.Don’t be in dilemma of how to start a private school Singapore. An arranging consent is required and must be get from Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA). A reason for private academic school requires a Class II endorsement from URA. It’s ideal to comprehend and satisfy the guidelines illustrated by URA then, to risk losing accreditation.

  • Enlisting a Private School

It is required for all private academic schools, including schools that offer External Degree Programs (EDP), to enrol with MOE in Singapore. Every EDP must be enlisted exclusively; in any case, being enrolled isn’t much the same as acquiring accreditation or acknowledgment from MOE.

when you register the school, you are additionally needed to enrol the school educational program and instructors. Training plan for each course has be presented that expresses the learning results, technique, class timetables, resources, and materials. You should also present the capability records of the teachers leading the courses.

  • Board of Management

Part of the enrolment imperatives also specifies that a private academic school to have a Committee of Management. It must have at least one part and a limit of nine. The Committee of Management’s job is to guarantee the school stays in consistence with the provisions of the Education Act.


Therefore, for beginning a private school in Singapore is quite a tough job because it has a strict rules and regulations. Firstly one should choose a name and incorporate it and maintain a suitable staff.