Microsoft Dynamics 365 or also known as a cloud-based business web platform which composed of the elements of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), together with the productivity programs and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

This business web platform was launched in 2016 when Microsoft decided to combine Dynamics AX with ms dynamics 365. Dynamics AX is an application which combines the features of both ERP and CRM application. And because of that, Microsoft was one of the biggest vendors who combined the features of both ERP and CRM into one application.

ms dynamicsMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Applications and Its Features

MS Dynamics 365 application has two editions – Business and Enterprise. These two editions have different levels of features and capabilities. A company can choose either of these two editions which they can think to be more suitable for their business.

  • Customer Insights – help users (employees) find important insights from third-party data sources
  • Customer Service – it has customer engagement tools, customer-service communities, and tools to support agents
  • Field Service – contract management, inventory management, scheduling features, and perception to web-connected products and communication tools
  • Finance and Operations – it has a tool for reporting and analytics. It also has manufacturing tools for project management, production planning, data scheduling, and cost management
  • Marketing – it connects Dynamics CRM to Adobe Marketing Cloud to give campaign management and targeted marketing tools
  • Project Service Automation – Resource scheduling, user’s time and expense management, and data service analytics
  • Retail – unified trading tools, in-store and employee management, merchandise management, and operational insights
  • Sales – can provide data for possible customers, customer engagement, sales and performance metrics
  • Talent – it is also connected to LinkedIn to manage all areas of Human Resources from luring and finding new employees.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

Because Dynamics 365 is a combination of CRM and ERP, users can get a connection to view all data intelligence on customer information, transactions, behaviors, partiality, together with the data about customer’s orders, sales inventory, and shipping, that has insight tools for a more efficient decision making.