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Let’s look at some of the well-known companies who are driving their way to the virtual and augmented reality platformsThese companies have worked on this concept and are coming up with their products centred around virtual reality and are changing the way how humans can communicate with the computers. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Google

Google is perhaps going to be one of the substantial hitters in the VR world. Google is currently fiddling with VR technology. Their move onto the scene was splendid. They discharged the ‘Google Cardboard’, a cardboard VR headset that cost $16.It was designed to put over your phone or any smart device in order to either play games or watch movies.Will Google will be known as the Virtual reality company or an intelligent search engine?

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  • Microsoft

Microsoft is the conceivable substantial hitter as a VR company. Microsoft goes onto the rundown, showing that VR organizations can be huge existing companies also. A major thing Microsoft is concentrating on isn’t just VR, but augmented reality. We should all be acquainted with this, as it’s the primary thing that powered Pokémon Go released in 2016.

Microsoft is currently releasing the HoloLens, which not only supports games, however applications also. I feel that is a significant factor with regards to virtual reality companies, is it just associated with playing games or the wide field of various uses?

  • Samsung

Numerous names we definitely know from our regular daily life are showing up here and Samsung is no more unusual to innovation, and this incorporates VR. Samsung accomplished something truly savvy: they built up the Samsung Gear, a VR headset with the assistance of Oculus.

It’s one of the good purchases for casual users. It’s for your Smartphone. Samsung has the colossal potential here, and I accept they can even start creating games for their venture.