As we all follow several social media networks regularly. There are many reasons for using social media. Some people use for fun; some may utilize for their regular business development criteria; some may campaign for their college fests and all.  But here most of the people usually go through build up new relations using social media only. In fact, according to research, this media networks acts as the biggest asset today.Additionally, people are showing more interest to increase their follower’s list to get their account to be noticed everywhere. Some may even buy followers too for their business enhancement and development across the globe.

Tips to notice:

  • Ibest sitenitially,once you open an account in any social media network. Let’s say sign up into your twitter account. State about your whereabouts, information related to your schooling, graduation, profession, including extracurricular achievements and all is required.
  • Further, your friends will come into notice. Thereby you will eventually get noticed when you tweet regularly. Reacting to day to day activities where you come across also make you aware to strangers list. It is even possible when you comment on groups. How wise you react will also attract several people.
  • Active participation in re-tweets will also help you to highlight your profile evenly.
  • Post videos derive the attention with your tweets, videos, heart touching photos will also make you identified among the public people in and around.
  • Be cautious with the fake followers too. So do check with your tweet notifications, any spam messages and all. Do not open the profiles which you feel some awkward posts and all. Delete them or block them immediately if you come across.


Hence the increasing number of followers will make your profile got notified by several people like stranger friends, based on professional work you will be called by recruiters as well. So don’t get ignored by the critics’re-tweets and feel free to share your tweet without any hesitation. But make sure that you are solely responsible for all your tweets and be aware of fake followers. If you notice any fake profiles in your follower’s list, block them immediately. Otherwise,you will get into risk in any criteria easily.