It has been proved that the overheating by quilts and blankets will be risky for SIDS. Even loose bedding can increase this risk by two-fold. The baby sleeping bag provides the safe alternative to the traditional bed covers as well as keeps your baby comfortable and warm during the night. The baby sleeping bag Hong Kong can also be used right from the birth to 1 year of age.

How Does It Benefit Your Baby?

The newborn babies are not able to control their body temperature so they might wake up very hot or cold during a night or early hours of morning. This provides the perfect micro-climate as it releases high body heat as well as moisture when room temperature increases and captures and circulates the warm air when your room temperature falls. Active babies who wriggle out of the covers during night will lose the core body heat that makes it harder to enter the deep sleep. But, baby will not come out of her cute sleeping bag. Because openings of this bag keep your baby’s head & hands cool and free that helps to regulate their body temperature. If you are looking for the best sleeping bag for babies, then visit


This bag alleviates need for the bed covers that can be the potential hazard in case baby gets entangled in it. This allows your baby to move freely and sleep naturally and safely as she will in a confined area of the womb.