The procedure is performed if patients still experience pain symptoms during normal activity. The practice is for patients with knee diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis.

It can also be used for patients with knee injuries.

There are two types of knee replacement. It can be a partial or full replacement. The operation depends on the severity of the illness or injury of the patient. Replacement can also be metal or plastic. Usually a replacement can last from ten to fifteen years. There are non-surgical treatments to avoid the procedure. Patients receive physiotherapy or physiotherapy, or may also perform special exercises, such as walking aids. Medication is also recommended by doctors and the knee replacement surgery cost in singapore. However, if these non-operators can no longer cure patients, the operation is performed.

A traditional operation is when a doctor cuts a knee from ten to thirty centimeters long, until they reach the knee joint. Worn or damaged parts are removed from the hip to the lower leg of the patient. Then doctors will mold the damaged surface with the replacement of metal or plastic. Once they have completed the adjustment process, they will post a knee replacement. The cut will be stitched and closed.

Today they discovered a new method for performing surgery. Recent advances in medicine have been found to reduce tissue injuries or traces of surgery in patients. They call it minimally invasive surgery. This is done simply by a small incision and passage between the fibers and muscles without cutting the tendons.


After surgery, patients are advised to walk with a cane or walker. They will also have physiotherapists to help them. Patients need time to fully recover. Persistence and patience is recommended for these patients.